Microcurrent & Ultrasound



Microcurrent and Ultrasound Facials  as well as Ultrasonic Cleansing Should not be performed on people with Pacemakers, metallic or silicon implants (Facial). Ultrasound/ Microcurrent devices are not recommended for pregnant women and people prone to seizures. These devices should not be used on areas with infections, open wounds, sores or tumors.


 Ultrasonic facials offer a safe and gentle alternative to dramatic plastic surgery procedures, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, Collagen and Botox injections and other invasive skin rejuvenation treatments.

Results can vary by individual and skin type, are gradual, and will not just occur over night. Although Ultrasonic treatment has been shown to produce an immediate and temporary firming effect, continued application will provide more cumulative long-term, lasting results.
Stimulates Blood Circulation
Aids in Lymphatic Drainage
Gently Exfoliates Away Dead Skin Cells
Increases Cell Metabolism
Cleanses Away Toxins
Enhances Skin Care Product Performance
Tightens and Tones Neck, Body and Facial Skin
Diminishes Wrinkles and Fine Lines
Reduces The Appearance of Congested, Puffy Eyes
Refines Large Pores
Improves Upon Skin Texture and Tone
Clarifies Acne and Blemishes
Lightens Dark Under Eye Circles
Reduces The Appearance of Cellulite and Fat Deposits
Fades Scars, Freckles, Age Spots and Redness